"It’s hard to put down in words what spending time with Harlyn is like.  From the moment we first met, and she flashed me her golden smile, I was hooked.  Harlyn advertises as the fit, girl next door and she definitely lives up to it.  She’s the girl that you spend the entire time at the gym sneaking glances at through a workout without trying to be too obvious.  But don’t let the fit gym girl fool you, this woman pulls of the elegant look as well, and I’d be remiss to mention the number of times I’ve been caught mouth agape staring at her through meal/night out/or just the cozy confines of her in-call.  From the initial communications to set up our first meeting and through my visits with her, the conversations seem to flow so naturally.  She’s inquisitive, entertaining, and with just the right amount of sass and playfulness.  


To paraphrase Elton John while spending time with her would be “How wonderful life is, now that she’s in my world ”"

I've been very fortunate to have enjoyed Harlyn's company on several occasions in the last year - each time full of amazing memories of the perfect night together. Seeing her looking so sexy for a fine dinner date or her sweet girl next door vibe while going for burgers and whiskey.  Harlyn easily brings a lasting smile to my face. She is very confident yet sweet, her charm allows the conversation to flow with ease between subjects and she has a way of making you feel at ease while with her. Of course her cute dimpling smile with that look in her eyes that you just need to see in person, always makes me weak in the knees. I'm looking forward to seeing where our next adventure will find us and just enjoying my time with Harlyn." 

"I recently had the privilege to meet up with Harlyn Grace the other week.  Communication was easy and the date was set-up well in advance of my visit. Having only viewed her photos online, I was overwhelmed by her presence when we met in that her photos do not do her justice. This young lady is smart beautiful sexy kind understanding and so much fun. Visiting Harlyn was amazing as the electricity that she exudes lights up the room much like the sun that shines brightly.

I'm having a hard time describing what happened Sunday night, as that was easily the most intense hour I have ever experienced, no exaggeration.

I have met Harlyn a few times before, the last time pretty much exactly a year ago before she moved out East. When I saw she was coming for a visit, I knew I had to visit as well. Made sure to book my date a month in advance.

I'm not going to even try describing our meeting with acronyms. This was an exchange of energy. The first time I met Harlyn, I was imidiately drawn to her beauty. What keeps me coming back is the fact that she radiates positive electricity, the bounce in her step and her contagious smile.