Do you travel with clients?

Yes, I am quite the jet-setter. I would love to accompany you to the beach, hike a mountain (or volcano!) or eplore some of the brilliant cultures hidden around the world. Cost includes travel, accomodations and activities in addition to my rate. Please inquire for more information.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I politly ask that if you need to cancel our date with less than 48hr notice, you provide at minimum, 50% of the booking rate. Your initial deposit counts towards the 50%. If cancelled with less than 12hr notice, you must provide 100% of the booking rate.

What is your screening process?

I ask that when you reach out to me, whether via text or email, that you please include the following: A brief introduction & any specifics regarding what you are looking for. Name, email address and applicable board handles Your preferred date, time and duration A recent, independent reference from another reputable provider OR Your linked-in profile or a scanned piece of your photo ID

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, for first time clients I do require a deposit of 30% of the booking rate. Deposits can be made via etranser, paypal or gift cards. If you have seen me before, deposits may be required.

Do you entertain couples?

Although I am flattered, I do not.

Do you love sports?

Yes! Being an athlete mysef, I am a huge sport fanatic and love cuddling on the couch with a cold one or cheering our team on the side line! Some of my favorites include Hockey, Baseball, Basketball & Tennis. Looking for a tennis partner? Let me grab my racket and meet you at the courts!

Do you have a few favourite things?

Although gifts are never expected they are graciously appreciated Knowing you were thinking of me for even a couple of minutes while picking out a box of chocolates or bottle of wine makes my heart smile here are a few of my favorite things champagne red wine chocolate (you can leave the white chocolate at home though) for more ideas on what my heart desires check out my wish list https://giftbroker.com/wishlist/e9aec1faec/ H xo

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