Curiosity is such an intoxicating quality in a man and I’m delighted you used it to find me. I know you’re anxious to get your arms around me and want a taste of what to expect but all I can say is that my smile will give you a peek into our adventure, the way I move will give you a hint, and my eyes will give it all away. I have a lust for exploration, decadence, and true connection so take my hand and stop searching for your destiny because I’m right in front of you.

The adventure begins when destiny takes the hand of   


The next most impressive thing about Harlyn is her aura and the way in which she carries herself. She elicits this strong but gentle confidence about herself that is so insatiably sexy. What I find most sexy and attractive with Harlyn is her personality. Harlyn is every bit a woman a man would desire. She’s friendly, charming and intelligent. She’s enjoyable to chat with and can carry on a conversation at any level. Most importantly, she possesses a unique and rare ability to attune herself to your emotional and physical needs and desires. This by far is Harlyn’s most notable trait.

Sheila Patel

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